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GoodReads M/M Romance Group Free Stories:

Hot Summer Days

Chasing the Prick

Callan has always hated his teammate and rival Nick because he seemed like an arrogant ass whose only purpose in life was to beat Callan and then rub it in. He calls the guy “Nick the Prick” for a reason.

Then something causes Callan to leave the team before his final meet, and Nick is knocking on his door to find out what happened. Nick is the one willing to stand by him and help him out, forcing him to realize there may be more to the ‘Prick’ than he’s been shown.

For years, Callan used to survive on one night stands. Now, he won’t. His life has changed permanently, so can the new Callan find romance and maybe, eventually, a forever?

Genre: Contemporary
Tags: swimmers, rivals to lovers, university, jocks, first love, STI
No Warnings
Words: 5300

Click here to download Chasing the Prick in PDF format.

Love Is Always Write

A Competitive Edge

Fleury has just returned from studying abroad for a semester, which means campus housing is full and leaves him stuck rooming in the Track Team House with his least favorite teammate and rival, Heath. When he arrives at the house to move back in, the room is a mess and Heath is acting very strange: he’s apologetic and bashful instead of the antagonistic jerk he usually is. Heath’s personality switch catches Fleury off-guard in ways he doesn’t want to examine. It’s also too good to be true; Heath reverts to his old ways once the other team members arrive back at the house. After that, Heath runs hot and cold throughout the semester, swinging between flirty and frustrating.

Then, at the first track meet of the outdoor season, Fleury makes a huge, stupid error that ends up in a twisted ankle and Heath taking his place as the anchor leg of the ‘A’ relay. It doesn’t help matters that Heath is the only one who saw exactly what caused Fleury’s accident.

Fleury can’t help but wonder which Heath will greet him when they return from the track meet. Will it be the rival gloating about his stupidity? Or will Heath surprise him with kindness? If he wants more than a cold shoulder, Fleury will have to take matters into his own hands.

Genre: Contemporary
Tags: humorous, track runners, rivals to lovers, university, jocks, masturbation, edging, toys
No Warnings
Words: 15000

Click here to download A Competitive Edge in PDF format.

Love Has No Boundaries


Five nymphs with special powers are called together to form an elite team to fight against natural and supernatural disasters. One of those called to serve is an idealistic young apple-tree nymph named May. May joins the group hoping for a better life than he had amongst his sisters and father, who all shunned him for being only half-Epimeliad. But unless he finds his tree, May’s time with the team may be short-lived; his missing tree and lack of powers is a huge liability.

The river-god Cydnos goes to the meeting to discover who is trying to manipulate him and for what purpose. What he finds is an old appretice turned warrior turned trainer who knows more than he’s letting on, a couple of nymphs who can handle themselves, and a couple of naive kids who believe they’re there to help save the world. On top of that, Cyd learns he has a unique bond to one of the kids, a distraction a centuries-old warrior like him doesn’t need. He intends to walk away, but his conscience won’t let him leave the untrained kids there to get themselves killed.

When May’s powers suddenly begin to manifest, he has no way to properly heal without his tree. Then the team is called to deal with a landslide that turns out to be more than meets the eye. May manages to heal the land, but the cost may be more than he can afford. Cyd has to figure out the secret of May’s tree before May’s time runs out, or the team will end up dealing with the cause of the landslide while down a member. Or two.

Genre: alternate universe, paranormal
Tags: Greek-mythology based, warrior nymphs, elemental powers, bonded, age-gap
No Warnings
Words: 23000

Download Epimeliad from the MM Romance Group website in one of three formats.

Love’s Landscapes

Title and Blurb Coming Soon

Expect tentacles. ;)

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