Dared and Confused – cover and blurb

Dared and Confused by Adara O'Hare cover

Cover for my Love is an Open Road story, Dared and Confused.

Jackson Conroy and his friends have been playing “Truth or Dare?” together for years—long enough to know exactly how the game is going to go every time they get together, much to Jackson’s chagrin. As the group has gotten older and gone off to college, the games have become fewer and further between. Now with graduation looming just around the corner, the group decides to get together over their final Spring Break to play a few more rounds while they still can.

The game starts no differently than any other they’ve played for the past several years, but this time Jackson’s best friend takes an opportunity to corner him into kissing Chet Montgomery. Chet makes good on the dare to kiss Jackson without any hesitation. But it’s when the kiss ends that Jackson’s confusion begins.

Story tags: comtemporary, cowboys, college students, virgin sex, HFN, Southern U.S.A. colloquialisms (I cannot stress this one enough!), and a couple more I deem vaguely spoilerish, so I’m going to hold them back. =)

~ by Adara O'Hare on June 10, 2015.

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