Budding Love – tags and blurb

More about my new story, Budding Love, which will be available soon.

Tags: aliens, shifters (non-wolf-cat), interspecies, virgin sex, tentacle sex, ménage, m-preg, sounding, bonded mates, betrayal, HFN

YOSHIDA Kazuo has less than a year of Intergalactic Trade School left before graduation, which is when his father expects him to take on a significantly bigger role in the family’s off-world export business. In fact, the whole of Kazuo’s life has been about his obligations to his father, never about what he wanted for himself. Anything alien absolutely fascinates Kazuo, but the majority of Kazuo’s alien education has come strictly from his studies.

To help Kazuo gain more business experience and contacts, his father requires him to attend an industry gala held by one of the most well-known extraterrestrial importers on Earth, a Sirynthalian known as Aethos. While Aethos is certainly a main attraction in attending the gala, Kazuo also remembers a past visit to the property’s enormous extraterrestrial greenhouse— a visit he’d like to repeat, as long as he can avoid touching the plants this time around.

As far as decisions go, leaving the party to look at the exotic flora seems to be a fairly harmless one to Kazuo. But a walk through the greenhouse becomes a life-altering event when Kazuo comes across an alien plant with a mind of its own, and a desire for Kazuo. Now Kazuo has a life-or-death decision to make. The question is: does he have all of the facts he needs to make it?

~ by Adara O'Hare on August 6, 2014.

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