It’s here: Epimeliad

Epimeliad was released this morning on the GoodReads M/M Romance Group for this years Love Has No Boundaries event, part of the Don’t Read in the Closet series of writing events. Many thanks to Elizabetta for the prompt. I hope you enjoy it!

If you’re a member of the group, you can access it via the following link:

If you’re not a member, you can quickly join as long as you’re over 18 and create a GoodReads account. Please be sure your full birth date (day/month/year) is entered on your profile (privacy setting are up to the member) before you ask to join. The email process for requests to join isn’t reliable so if you haven’t been admitted within 24 hours, PM JenMcJ directly with your request to join.

Here’s the link to the M/M Romance Group homepage:

Please note that downloads will be forthcoming at a different link. I’ll post that when they’re ready. They’ll follow after a few days.

I hope you enjoy it!


Blurb for Epimeliad:

Five nymphs with special powers are called together to form an elite team to fight against natural and supernatural disasters. One of those called to serve is an idealistic young apple tree nymph named May. May joins the group hoping for a better life than he had amongst his sisters and father, who all shunned him for being only half-Epimeliad. But unless he finds his tree, May’s time with the team may be short-lived; his missing tree and lack of powers is a huge liability.

The river-god Cydnos goes to the meeting to discover who is trying to manipulate him and for what purpose. What he finds is an old appretice turned warrior turned trainer who knows more than he’s letting on, a couple of nymphs who can handle themselves, and a couple of naïve kids who believe they’re there to help save the world. On top of that, Cyd learns he has a unique bond to one of the kids, a distraction a centuries-old warrior like him doesn’t need. He intends to walk away, but his conscience won’t let him leave the untrained kids there to get themselves killed.

When May’s powers suddenly begin to manifest, Cyd has to figure out the secret of May’s tree before May accidentally kills himself. If Cyd doesn’t, the team might end up lacking a member. Or two.

~ by Adara O'Hare on July 10, 2013.

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