Love Has No Boundaries prompt & story cover

Love Has No Boundaries (A Don’t Read In The Closet event) stories are beginning to release. As I have the past couple of years, I chose a prompt to write, and here it is:

Two young men staring into each other's eyes and holding each other.

Elizabetta’s prompt photo for her Love Has No Boundaries event request.

Dearest Author –

We met at the academy, aware of the other by name and reputation but never crossing paths until now. In a place for the best of the best, those talented beyond the norm, I daresay we would stand out if only they knew… We immediately sensed a connection, a pull as if a cable stretched taut between us, made stronger by proximity. At first it was fleeting, a shivering sensation that grew over time until our very thoughts and desires were made known to each other. How is this possible? Is it our nightmare or our blessing?

Please help us find our way…

Alt Uni/UST/HEA or HFN (no insta-love, no GFY please)


While I was researching and thinking about how the story would work, I came across this photo, and it became pivotal to the plot.

A tree surrounded by a river

A tree in the middle of the Berdan River (the ancient Cydnus River)

And since the owner of this photo didn’t respond to my query to use it (it’s not licensed for commercial use – I’m pretty sure even though the story is free, an ebook cover is considered commercial use), I asked a friend to create cover artwork based on this image. So, here’s the big cover reveal for my story, Epimeliad!

Epimeliad book cover

Cover for my Love Has No Boundaries story, Epimeliad

And here are the story tags:
genre: alternate universe, paranormal
tags: Greek mythology-based, mythical creatures (warrior nymphs), magic users (elemental powers), bonded, masturbation, age-gap

Now, truth be told, I felt just a touch rushed when writing the story, so I really hope it meets Elizabetta’s expectations. *crosses fingers*

~ by Adara O'Hare on June 1, 2013.

2 Responses to “Love Has No Boundaries prompt & story cover”

  1. That is a lovely cover.

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