GRL2012 & R.I.P. my new Kindle

So, getting to Gay Rom Lit 2012 in Albuquerque, NM was more of an ordeal than the event itself. In the airport, I managed to lose my drivers’ license between security and the gate, (which wasn’t even the length of a football field between them). I got lucky and thought it might still be in the bins that were run through the x-ray machine, and airport security managed to find it in the bin. Thank God for small miracles.

Then I managed to drop my new Kindle (3 Keyboard version) on the corner and it busted the screen to the point where the top 3 lines on the left side will not change anymore. And even though it was covered by a replacement plan (through Target, since I bought this through Amazon Marketplace, and the guy I purchased from bought it from Target), the replacement plan doesn’t cover “physical damage”. WTF. And of course, it’s outside of the 1-yr replacement plan by Amazon. So, essentially, I’m fucked. I have to buy a new Kindle when I just bought one a few months ago.

Do you KNOW what a pain in the ass it is to reload and re-categorize all of your damned books? Do you? It’s an enormous PITA. (It really makes me want to punch Kevin Bacon in the face. Why Kevin Bacon? Inside joke.)

At least I didn’t know about the replacement plan thing over the weekend so that I wasn’t pissed off the entire time at GRL.

GRL was absolutely fabulous. I met so many people whom I’ve spoken to online, authors and readers and reviewers alike. And it was a ton of fun. I know I made new friends, some even better friends, and I had a blast, from dancing, to singing [If anyone has video of me singing The Captain’s Wife’s Lament during karaoke on Friday night, let me know! Gods, I was so nervous for some ridiculous reason, and I know that song backward and forward, and I still flubbed it. I do better singing it to smaller groups.], to chatting with authors, to learning more about publishers. I adored meeting all those whom I did!

And I came home with so much more swag than I thought I would. I only bought 7 books, but I came home with over 20 due to freebies. It’s a miracle I got all of that into my suitcase since I only brought one smallish one. (Note to self for next year: leave room in the suitcase for the trip home!)

I’m thinking I’ll most likely be at GRL 2013 in Atlanta next year, because I can easily drive that instead of flying, though I might have to sweet-talk my husband into it. He missed me bunches while I was gone. Something about not getting to talk to me enough, having to deal with 2 small children by himself, and not appreciating until just now how I kick him out of bed in the mornings to get to his classes.

At least he did one load of dishes while I was gone. I guess I should go do the rest of the dishes, the laundry, and the groceries now. Oh, and sift through the pictures and video I took. =)

~ by Adara O'Hare on October 22, 2012.

2 Responses to “GRL2012 & R.I.P. my new Kindle”

  1. Boo about your kindle. D=
    I think I might have to talk to hubby about next year too cuz I kinda want to go. My anti-social nature is a bit scared. lol

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