Curse of the Sugar Fairy, part 2

Here’s the rest of the story. Still very NSFW behind the cut. =)

* * *

I awoke slowly to a hand gently stroking my still disturbingly hard cock. I opened my eyes to the vision of a blonde Adonis as he looked down on me.

“Shhh. You’re safe.”

The majority of my raging lust had abated, and judging by the soreness of my ass, I had been pummeled for a very long time. Exactly how I needed.

“How…?” I attempted to ask.

“I knocked the bastard out cold and removed the lollipop from your mouth. Idiot had no idea what it would’ve done to you. I tied him up and fucked you until you’d cum four times.”

“How…?” His hand was still working magic on my cock. I was surprised he could make any sense of me. I still wasn’t thinking very clearly.

“Let’s just say that if you get rubber anywhere near me, you’ll be returning the favor.”

“I guess that means you didn’t use a latex condom,” I quipped. He chuckled politely.

“Not a chance. My name’s Merrill.”

“Kerrigan,” I offered breathlessly, squirming to lift my hips into his touch. He had reclined my body against his torso. I could feel his hardness along my spine.

“Well, Kerrigan, I think that one more ejaculation will work the last of it from your body.” He leaned down to my left ear and in a lower tone added, “How would you like me?”

Lust sparked action. I turned over, driving the whole of my body against his beneath me.

“I want inside you. My ass hurts too much for anything else.”

Then I kissed him. That was a mistake. His eyes widened in surprise at the kiss as he pushed me away, but it was too late. I tasted the chocolate in his mouth.

“Oh, Goddess, why?” I whined as I sought friction by rubbing against him frantically, my body supercharged once more.

“You’ve no idea how much chocolate sauce I cleaned off of your cock earlier. You tasted what’s left over.”

“How long was I out?” I aggressively jammed two fingers into his ass. “And why did you rim me if you knew what it would do to me?”

“Five minutes, and because I wanted to.” He grunted between my brutally insistent thrusts. “I didn’t know about the lollipops when I did it.”

“I came four times in five minutes? Fuck, nevermind. Open up.”

I drew up to my knees, threw his legs over my hips, and rammed my dick up his ass full force. He cried out in pain. I climaxed instantly and continued hammering him through wave after wave of inconceivable pleasure. I slowed to a more reasonable pace as the tremors finally subsided.

Tears leaked from the corners of his eyes. In the back of my mind I apologized for the violent treatment, but the rest of my consciousness focused entirely upon thrusting repeatedly into his body. At least my ejaculate would ease the way. If I had any left. Four times in five minutes? That’s fucking scary. And way too close for comfort.

Fortunately for me, his saliva had already broken down most of the sugar within the chocolate sauce, so the effect of it had been considerably smaller – enough to rouse me, but not to the dangerous levels that it had been. I might need one more ejaculation. I might not.

“Is there lube?” I asked of him.

“You can’t use it.”

Glycerin. Of course that’s what the asshole would’ve bought to use on me.

“I’m sorry.” As sorry as I could be while still propelling my body into his, lube or no.

“It’s fine. I’ll manage. I’ve been there.” He ground the words out through clenched teeth. At least I knew he understood.

“I’d kiss you again to take your mind off of it, but you know…”

He huffed in what I suspected was meant to be a laugh.

Though I couldn’t kiss his mouth, I leaned over and sucked on the soft skin just below his ear, behind his jaw. I scraped a fingernail over the hard peak of his nipple as well. He gave me an animalistic groan as his body relaxed to the stimuli. On the right track, I worked his body over in every imaginable fashion, fingers wandering over his scalp, down his arms and the hair of his legs, and over his sac. My mouth sucked hard on one of his pecs, the tip of my tongue gliding lightly over the nipple before taking it between my teeth and squeezing with precision. He thrashed under the onslaught, driving my cock deeper inside him. I felt his inner muscles tighten in impending release.

“Kerr,” he purred. “I can’t hold this back much longer.”

“Me either. Goddess help me, I’m going to cum again.”

I grabbed his cock and ran my thumb around the head, brushing over the slit, before pumping him a couple of times. The intensity of his climax surprised me, and Goddess, but he felt good around my cock as I pressed into his heat again and again. Spurred on by his orgasm, my release overcame me as well. I pumped several more times into his well-ridden hole, moaning in profound relief as my body finally began to calm.

I lay on top of his heaving chest and sighed in utter gratitude for his sacrifice.

“I’ll make it up to you, Merrill.”

“That’s fine. Can it wait a couple of hours though? I’m exhausted.”

I snickered a bit mischievously, but I felt the exhaustion as well.

“Oh, I suppose. If we must.” I glanced in the direction of the brute who’d captured me. He was still tied to a chair and out cold. “What do we do about him?”

Merrill looked in the direction of my gaze.

“We get as far away from him as humanly possible. We’ll have to move to a new city. Preferences?”

“We?” I looked down to his face. He turned his head to look up at me.

“Yes, Kerr. We.” There was no room for discussion in his tone. He had decided and that was that.

I decided I didn’t mind it so much. I nodded.

He lifted his head to nip at my nose. “Clothes?”

We stood and looked around the room until we spied my clothes thrown in a pile in the corner. We each donned our clothing in record time. I motioned toward the only door in the room.

“Let’s get out of here.”

He nodded, and then held up a finger. Without a word, he went to the table and grabbed one of the lollipops from a small glass container.

I arched an eyebrow at him in question.

“No reason.” Sticking the lollipop in his own mouth, he winked at me.

Goddess, protect me.


~ by Adara O'Hare on October 6, 2011.

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