Curse of the Sugar Fairy, part 1

As part of a contest for Riptide Publishing, I wrote a story inspired by the cover of Bryl Tyne’s book Divinity. Initially I only wrote this first part, but a few people wanted more, so I finished it off as an HFN. I’ll post the end in a few days. So, without further ado, here’s the Curse of the Sugar Fairy.


Of all the damned luck, he’s figured it out. Why do I have to be a fucking sugar fairy?

From somewhere on my right, a deep voice tinged with lust said, “When you feed him sugar, he just can’t help himself.”

Which is totally true. Ever since I reached maturity, I’ve tried very hard not to touch any sugar at all, much less eat it. Just the natural sugars from fruits will make me horny beyond belief, but given enough, the man-made artificial sugars can make me cum repeatedly without being touched. They could kill me if not handled properly.

He had stripped me naked and laid me on a cold, hard surface. I couldn’t see through the blindfold, which is why I was surprised when he held my nostrils closed. Without thinking, I gasped ever so slightly. That’s when I felt the drop touch my tongue. Goddess help me! I whispered “oh, fuck” as my body instantly absorbed the sugar.

Try as I might not to react, my body betrayed me. I could feel it flushing through my entire system, feel myself overheat from the stimulus of a single drop of juice from a strawberry. I had no chance to be thankful that he had used only a small amount of a natural sugar, though. I began panting heavily, writhing uncontrollably against the bonds at my wrists and ankles. The ropes were pulled taut enough to keep me stretched out as I tugged against them, attempting to touch myself and sate the need that had risen along with my cock. I could barely think from just a single drop, and I had no idea how much more they had to torture me with.

Another throaty chuckled sounded from my other side. “My god, he’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to fuck him hard.”

“Oh, Goddess, please, yes!” I begged, needing to be fucked hard to counteract the effects of the sugar in my body.

“It gets better,” my captor said. “It doesn’t have to be ingested. Just rubbing it on his body is sufficient to cause reaction.”

Something warm dribbled down my dick. Whatever it was, it definitely contained artificial sugar. I near screamed as I arched up off the table, seeking any contact to relieve my aching, enflamed cock.

“Touch me, suck me, please, Goddess, FUCK ME! Anything!”

Large, rough hands held down my hips as a tongue swirled through the liquid trailing down my cock, spreading it further over my bare skin. Then he dove lower and rimmed me with his sugar-coated tongue. I bucked underneath his hold and cried desperately, incoherently.

“I want him. Now.”

Through the haze of sugar-induced lust, I heard sounds from my left that I assumed were a man furiously stripping his clothing from his body.

“Then I suggest you use this.”

“A lollipop? What’s the big deal with a lollipop?”

“You tape it into his mouth so he can’t spit it out and won’t choke on it. With a big enough lollipop, he won’t be able to avoid touching it constantly and swallowing the sugar. Then you just hang on for the ride.”

As far gone as I was, that thought sobered me enough. No! No, no, NO! That would kill me; I knew it would. I tugged more insistently at my bonds, now desperate to get away from these men and crying in earnest.

“What if I want to use his mouth for other things?”

“His mouth isn’t the only orifice the lollipops are useful for,” came the sadistic reply as he shoved a gigantic lollipop into my mouth.

* * *

~ by Adara O'Hare on October 2, 2011.

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