Don’t you hate it when…

So, I created a book blurb for a story that doesn’t exist as part of a GoodReads contest for Riptide Publishing. It was to describe the story evoked by the cover of L.A. Witt’s new story A Chip in His Shoulder. Wouldn’t you know it, the blurb is actually pretty decent and there are some people who’d read that story. And it doesn’t actually exist. =)

I sat up all night thinking about this story and a possible series continuation story too. Maybe I’ll get around to writing them someday. Here’s what I wrote for the contest:

Running contraband isn’t like how it was in the old days. Nearly everything is tech-based anymore. On the day you’re born, you get chipped, and everything you do in life is registered. Your money is through the chip, your personal details like birth and education and marriage, and even your sexual partners get registered. Your every movement is tracked and logged by the government and businesses from the day you’re born. Sure, you could get it removed, but then you have to become dependent on someone who is chipped for everything. And those without chips who are caught are terminated by law enforcement, no questions asked.

It’s reduced crime to nearly non-existent, at least in the populace, but all the big corporations have free-runners who aren’t chipped who serve them. Sometimes we’re picked up from the streets, sometimes from prison. Really, they take whoever they want. Once your chip is removed, you’re a ghost, a needy, dependent, expendable ghost. Running contraband is all about avoiding the sensors, hacking the logs, and rigging the system to your advantage.

I’m a free-runner for one of those businesses. My job is to steal the son of the president of my firm’s biggest competitor. My problem: figure out how to do that without removing the chip in his shoulder.

~ by Adara O'Hare on September 11, 2011.

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