It’s the little things, part 2

A while back, I made a post about researching real-world details to get them right. I came across another example that made me stop and think a bit more on this.

This contains a reference to Star Wars terminology, so if you’re not familiar with the term, you might be slightly lost, but I hope the overall point still presents.

In this story, one character refers to another as a ‘padouan’. The reference is quite blatently supposed to be ‘padawan‘, and at first this caused me some consternation, because I know full well that the author of that particular piece knows how to properly spell the term. So, why hadn’t she?

In this case, it’s probably copywritten to LucasArts. (Unless Lucas stole the term from somewhere and I’m not familiar with it? As far as I know, he coined it.)

So, I guess my point is that there are times where it might be prudent to misspell something on purpose – to get the point across without causing other, unintended problems by using the “proper” term.

Color me slightly embarrassed and apologetic – but only to a certain extent. Getting the details right is still a must.

~ by Adara O'Hare on May 24, 2011.

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