Hot July Days letter

As with the original “letters to Santa” that eventually produced the Stuff My Stocking anthology: M/M Romance Stories that are Nice and… Naughty, I also posted a letter this time around for an author to fulfill for the Hot July Days anthology (not certain it has an official name yet). The themes of these stories are supposed to be around the M/M Romance group’s new group motto: Don’t Read In The Closet – Stories of coming out in love, being out in love, or committing out in love.

Last time, Serena Yates wrote “Bobby’s Christmas Gift” around my letter. This time, one of the group’s fabulous moderators, Jason, will be writing the story (as Jason Huffman-Black). The story will be called I Am The Highway. Here is the letter and image I posted that he chose to take on:

Dear Author,
These two haven’t been together for a very long time, but as you can see, it’s been long enough that they’ve discovered they like to be a bit risque in public, even downright exhibitionist. It’s easy at crowded Pride events and conventions, but they’ve been known to sneak into an alley or two also. They’ve got lots of hot stories to tell, and I can’t wait to hear them!
Love and kisses, –Adara.

~ by Adara O'Hare on May 22, 2011.

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