Freebie from Serena Yates (written for me)

The M/M Romance group on GoodReads is currently having a holiday celebration where several members posted up pictures from the Erotic Photos thread and wrote an accompanying Letter to Santa. The idea was for group authors to be inspired by the photo and letter and to write a short story (minimum 2000 words) in response.

I posted up this photo:

The letter you can read for yourself as part of Serena’s story, Bobby’s Christmas Gift, which she has made available in several e-formats on her website, here.

When I posted the letter, I had no idea that it would become such an integral part of the story that Serena wrote. I’m really pleased with the results and hope you all will be also. =)

~ by Adara O'Hare on December 21, 2010.

One Response to “Freebie from Serena Yates (written for me)”

  1. […] out in love, being out in love, or committing out in love. Last time, Serena Yates wrote “Bobby’s Christmas Gift” around my letter. This time, one of the group’s fabulous moderators, Jason, will be […]

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