How Stories Change

I find it highly interesting how sometimes stories can really evolve into something entirely different from what you set out to write, and sometimes they don’t.

The first one I set out to write, a story about high school seniors in sports, one in the closet and one not, hasn’t changed at all from the original idea. I suspect that’s because the story idea was the important aspect to me, and I molded the characters to fit the story. (I still need to finish that story. It’s novel length and only around half-completed.)

The short story I’m currently writing, my third, has completely changed concepts from original idea to now. I suspect that is because I wasn’t so attached to the concept, but I am very attached to the characters now, and they’re molding the story. It went from the original concept of 2 strangers hooking up for one night, to 2 workers in the same building that might have a budding romance (a sweet story with no sex), to 2 co-workers who hook up for one night (a Dom/sub story), to the 2 co-workers (still Dom/sub) who hook up for the night and have a stranger from another office in the building join them. Totally not where I expected this story to go from the point that I first started thinking about it, but I’m completely comfortable and happy with where it has ended up, and that’s what matters, isn’t it.

~ by Adara O'Hare on August 18, 2010.

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